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I aim to share information, to help people thrive and to make powerful knowledge accessible to all. In 2017 I acquired my massage therapy license, specializing in lymphatic drainage technique, and practice out of Breathing Room yoga as of June 2019. Soon to add yoga classes to my offerings winter 2019.

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β€œLife is not about creating the perfect bubble to live in. It's about living in this world at peace within ourselves admist the chaos.”

β€” Jackie Fetter, FOUNDER


My Mission

My life has been a road of self discovery, riddled with adversity and heart break. To combat this adversity, I've found knowing myself and helping others to be my soul food. If I can share my journey, my insights and any useful information or people I've met along the way then my mission is complete. By introducing people to their authentic self and greatest good their wellness will reveal itself. There is no hidden secret or magic pill, just pure honesty of their own truth. Wellness doesn't have to mean a rigid life void of fun and excitement. Imagine being active well into your later years, enjoying your every moment on this earth and feeling great everyday. -> view social media here


of meals are made at home


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of us deserve to love ourselves

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