Declutter Your Mind, Your Body and Your Space

I have had a great list of topics to write about and saw a friend post a de-clutter de-own article on Facebook so this seemed like a great jumping point to add my two cents! 

Throughout life it seems we begin to "collect" things in our home, mind and body. Some people see these things show up in added pounds, junk drawers or habits of argument with friends or family. Can you think of something that keeps popping up or cluttering these areas in your life?  

Clutter comes from simply being alive. It's from old relationships, moving homes, eating improperly or anything in between. For me, it came from the passing of my father, or rather, his suicide.  

My home has become increasingly packed with items from my fathers house. For myself these items bring comfort, joy and a feeling of security. In reality though, they bring clutter to my home and my relationship. The partner of someone going through grief of a loved one is forced to endure everything that comes along with it. This meaning added clutter on most occasions. Do I need this strange old picture frame with a photo of someone I have never known? These things needed to leave my home. What is the proper process for this?  

Previously after dad passed I went through lack of appetite then quickly turned to devouring everything in sight out of pure comfort. While being a health coach I knew what I was doing as if I was watching a movie or seeing a client with the same situation. My body began to clutter with sugar, processed foods and junk. I needed to detox or even just slowly de-clutter. My body needed to de-clutter. What is the proper process for this?  

The moment a person hears of a passing their mind begins to flood. It flies through emotions at a rapid pace. The brain has a flux of chemical reactions and it slowly begins to dissipate. What is clutter. A family member or friend having cancer, a job dragging a person down or even just thoughts from a long time ago. The mind can begin to drown a person. I needed to clear my mind, to de-clutter. What is the proper process for this? 

Even if you have not had someone pass but you feel your mind, body or space becoming full. De-clutter. For some this might mean grabbing a broom and trash can then just going to work. For some it might mean drinking a green juice vs a diet soda. For some it might mean turning off the tv to read a good book or take a run. 

What is your clutter? Can you visualize your life without the weights of the excess baggage? What can you do today to de-clutter your body, mind, and space?    

The answer I found was, "Breathe. Just breathe." Looking inside and knowing that these are just things. When I wake up and start a day, will that extra tote of old junk really benefit my life? When trying to enjoy the day with my dog, Chakra, and Rob will the mental clutter make me distant in the moment with them? When wanting to run a 5k or going to play outside with my kids someday be impeded if I have too much clutter in my body? Yes. Think about a moment where you felt fully free. Where there was no time or space and you were just breathing. That is the goal. To live freely in each moment of time without the clutter.

Do some soul searching. Why are there extra things in the house? Is it lack of cleaning, personal mementos or just plain old junk? How did extra illness, weight or fatigue come into your life? Is it from when you were a child, after high school or due to your current situation? And finally why do you feel clutter in your mind? This one can be very simple if you are honest with yourself or very tricky if you are holding onto something you have fear of letting go of. Jot these down. Take note. Reclaim your clutter and.....

Let it go. Make peace with it, as it has taught you a lesson only you can understand. There is no magical moment when life is always clutter free, as life is work in progress. But learning the tools to stay on top of the clutter can free you up to enjoy each moment, each smile and each breath. Be you! Clutter free! Shine bright because you are amazing and can be here for your greatest good. You did not come into this world with clutter and will leave without it as well. Love you all. Namaste.      

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