How to bake vegetables. Easy how-to guide!

If you're like me then you like quick and easy foods. When I need something ready for dinner that doesn't require a lot of hands on then I go right to baking. Here are some quick tips!


Many vegetables taste delicious when baked. Baking brings out the very essence of the vegetables, especially squashes and roots. Place vegetables in a baking pan, roast for 45-60 minutes at about 400 degrees.

Try baking any variety of the vegetables below.

Green leafy vegetables:

    •    Collard greens

    •    Kale: dinosaur kale, purple kale, and Lacinato kale

    •    Dandelion greens

    •    Mustard greens

    •    Chards: Swiss chard, red chard, and rainbow chard

    •    Beet greens

    •    Watercress

    •    Parsley

    •    Dark lettuce

Roots and squashes:

    •    Carrot

    •    Parsnip

    •    Turnip

    •    Rutabaga

    •    Burdock

    •    Celery root

    •    Burdock root

    •    Acorn squash

    •    Kabocha squash

    •    Butternut squash

Fat burners:

    •    Daikon radish

    •    Leek

    •    Scallion 

    •    Turnip

    •    Onion

    •    Celery

Other vegetables:

    •    Broccoli 

    •    Cauliflower

    •    Cabbage

    •    Brussels sprouts

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