Suicide Support and Prevention Updates

I am reminded again today that suicide is happening all the time all around us after a friend lost a childhood friend. Is it more of an epidemic because we don't shed light on it? People get uncomfortable and don't want to talk about it? Well I am going to do so now. 

Life needs balance. Your bank account will fail you if you neglect to put in deposits with all your shopping debits. Keeping things like positive people and family nearby helps. Staying active and eating the right foods will keep your body in balance with the right nutrition and immune to battle illness when you are blue and your system is down. 

If you are in need of help here are links to someone to talk to at my link for resources. I did. I go to group sessions for someone that has had a loved one commit suicide. No one is immune to grieving and it doesn't have to be alone and in a dark corner because other people are too afraid to talk about it.  

This is a great article about Talking About Suicide, click here. 

Click me for acceptance and openness about suicide.