What does a 6 month HL plan look like?

Feel good and enjoy the view from a healthy you! 

Feel good and enjoy the view from a healthy you! 

What Does Health Coaching Look Like? 

Have you ever wondered, “What does a Health Coach do?” This will help explain that. Yes you’ve read the page on the website but what do we actually do each session and for the 6 months working together? 

Through my years in personal development and along my studies I have constructed a basic plan for all clients. However each client is different. They have different goals and desires. While I do still go over similar things with each client I do make each plan specific to the clients needs. With each client we do touch on health in ingredients, produce, cooking, activity, joy, happiness, and other basic aspects of wellness. You will also receive a personal online profile for us to communicate, track goals and share files and a binder for your recipes and your information. 

Each session begins with a Revisit Sheet. We fill that out together, some clients like to fill theirs out before the session. Clients usually update me on recent happenings or things going on in their life then we find a path and areas of focus for the next couple weeks. The goal is to uncover the areas that would benefit from help and devise a plan. By using my schooling, mentorships and past experience I have most information you are looking for at my fingertips. This information is shared either in the session or via your online profile for you to review, print out and add to your binder. The ideal situation is for this information to be read, retained and used in everyday life. The time of fad diets and quick fixes will be a thing of the past as you begin to be healthy from here on out. 

Goals are set for a few different areas for immediate, halfway and for the end of the program.  In the session we assess these goals and you write them into your Binder and it will be entered into the Metrics tab of your online profile. I also give a sheet about how to set these goals and will help by keeping you accountable for your future. 

This is a fun and loving process. You have worked so hard for yourself and owe it to yourself to feel good every day. Each client puts in as much time and effort as they want. This in turn determines the results that you see and feel. Every person deserves knowledge and longevity. 

I am here to help and will assist you with all of your needs along the way! Message me for a FREE 30 minute assessment. mail@jackie-fetter.com THANK YOU!