Ft80 Polar Watch- My FAVORITE Training Tool

If you know me you know that I like to be active, I love to organize and I love to be efficient! 

Chakra says she likes it too ;)

Chakra says she likes it too ;)

The Polar Personal Trainer watch FT80 is a must have for anyone wanting to track their fitness, improve their performance or just have fun seeing what their heart can do. I wear mine each time I workout and then sync it up to my online program especially for me. It gives me goals, tracks where I am in them and will suggest things to gain progress. 

This sweet device comes with a heart monitor, I am a small person and it even works on me! The syncing device is easy to use, you just put your watch on it and it syncs! The online personal trainer will show you your workouts and track them. 

Each person takes their initial resting heart-rate, they call this the fitness test. Then it advises 3 ranges your heart should be in and for how long. It typically suggests being in 1, which is low, for a small amount of time, 2, which is your medium heart-rate, and 3, for a little bit longer than 1. OR it gives you a completely different length and intensity of a workout that keeps you out of a plateau. It was so interesting to see my heart-rate during my workouts. Sometimes when I was sure a specific thing like a squat would push me into level 3 actually had me in 1 or 2. But then when I did things like push-ups I was in 3 the whole time! I LOVE my FT80, cheesy or not!  

FT80 gets FIVE Stars!! It is durable, comfortable, and works great. Most important of all, it is helping me improve my fitness levels!

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