Health Coaching Guide

Health coaching has forever changed my life and the life of my clients. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you shared the gift of longevity with someone new. This program is very diverse and it will change your life forever! I am still available for health coaching sessions and love sharing this program with other budding health coaches. 

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Beginning your journey

I now coach others to become a health coach and put their plan into action. If they are a dietician wanting to be self-employed or someone interested in becoming a health coach.

The health coaching agreement begins with a beginning assessment where we discuss your desired outcome in regards to coaching. We will meet to begin assessing your needs. After we agree on a plan and an understanding we will be a good collaboration then we will set a meeting schedule and frequency. It is helpful to meet every 2-3 weeks, we will slowly incorporate sustainable and manageable shifts and additions of into your life. The goal is to learn about your style, the courage to show up, and how to maintain your business drive. Each week after our session you will have more tools in your toolbox for success. You'll get closer and closer to feeling like your best self everyday. It isn't a seamless transition, it takes dedication, and there's a bit to learn, but you'll be your own advocate and I will be in your corner. When we are done you will be able to maintain your progress, and continue to build on your business and karmic flow of income. 

Sessions can be booked on the link above under Health Coaching Guidance.  

  • 30 minute complimentary assessment

  • 30 minute coaching session $30

  • 60 minute coaching session $60

Health Coaching for yourself

I refer out to another practitioner for one-on-one coaching for your own wellness. Referral name coming soon….

Do you like helping people too? Get all the essential details to become a health coach.

This guide provides a closer look at what IIN’s Health Coach Training Program is like, what it’s like to be a student, and learn more about the new IIN Learning center

  • Personal wellness

  • Wellness career

  • Health coaching

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