Leave being gray to the clouds, you were meant to shine (5-HTP)

Big name, even bigger influence from 5-hyrodoxytryptophan (5-HTP), which is a chemical manufactured by your body as it breaks down the amino acid tryptophan to convert it to serotonin. The supplement form of 5-HTP is made from the African herb griffonia (Griffonia simplicifolia). 

"Some claim 5-HTP raises your level of serotonin (a brain transmitter), which may give your mood a boost, help you lose weight, and promote deeper sleep." from Natural Health Magazine

"In this moment of my life when spring comes and I am reminded that Dad's passing was May 3rd I feel a sinking in my energy, the days are gray with April showers and I know adding 5-HTP to my daily regiment is helpful. When I look for a vitamin or supplement I review the company, their ethics and their quality. Well Labs provides just what I need during these very trying days." Jackie 

Try Well Labs 5-HTP, all the good stuff and none of the gluten, corn, yeast, and artificial anything.