To everything, turn, turn, turn. Massage therapy calls my name.

A term I learned while at Vipassana, a center I visited for a 10 day silent meditation, I learned about the word aniche (ah-nee-cha). This word means that everything is always changing. This seems so simple yet at times is hard to mentally or emotionally apply to our lives. People tend to fear or avoid change. This year in 2017 I am fully embracing it!! 

The float tank, Honest Floating, was started in our home in the winter of 2014 and recently moved into Hands in Harmony July 2016. This meant that I was able to expand my daily tasks and roles in other areas due to the float appointments being managed by HIH. 

In February 2017 I started my journey to become a massage therapist! I am incredibly overjoyed to express my purpose of service to others through touch.    

This fall I add to my offerings at HIH from floating to now also include integrative health coaching, massage therapy, and I'll share my specialties later this year. I am thrilled to have one-on-one time with everyone again! Let me know how I can help YOU when August comes. Send me your feedback so we are ready to roll in the fall! 

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