Kissable Lips - Dehydration or Lack of Lip Balm?

How soft are your lips? This is the time of year things feel dry but wet but soggy and chapped. Why on earth?? Water? Lip balm? What's the answer?

Dehydration. If your lips are dry enough to become chapped then it's time to increase your water intake. The way to calculate how much you should have a day depends on how active you are, size, height, weight etc. Essentially....if your lips are drying're not getting enough water. Mayo Clinic advises that men should have 3 liters a day and women should have 2.2 liters a day. This is a larger amount than the popular "8 glasses a day" rule, which is only 1.9 liters. A simple trick for getting enough water can be to calculate the ounces or liters of your water bottle. Then it's as easy as putting rubber bands on your water bottle and sliding one down each time you drink a bottle worth. Each day just slide the rubber bands back up to start again. Other options are taking a big old jug with enough room for all of your water and drinking the whole thing down by the end of the day. Share your other tips and tricks in the comments!

A good old lip balm can help avoid a case of cracked kissers. However this is not the solution after your lips are chapped. Sometimes the environment or a dry home can influence the condition of your lips and skin, but increasing your fluids can surely give you a better chance to stay soft. Not all balms are created equally, a great local choice is Ecolips. I had the pleasure of touring the facility here in our very own Cherry Building in NewBo. Some people opt for Burts Bees or other brands that vow to use natural ingredients. The last thing I want to do is put chemicals in my poor painful pouter. 

There are, of course, other possibilities like disease, playing instruments that use the lips, allergies or ailments.  

If you just seem to have no other symptoms try increasing water. Your lips will thank you! Muah!