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"Have you been stressed lately, or noticed an extreme drop in energy levels? Adrenal Fatigue may be the culprit. Both short and long-term stress takes a toll on the body, particularly the adrenal glands. Adrena-well contains a blend of micronutrients specifically designed to support the body’s stress response and energy levels. Vitamins, A, E, C, B, and stress adapting botanicals help balance your body’s cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Stress can be mental, physical, or emotional, so be sure to support our favorite person: YOU!" ~ excerpt from

Check out their website for the full product information - CLICK HERE to see the most awesome supplement provider with a kids first frame of mind!


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Well Labs brings vitamins with a conscious


Business Spotlight!!! 

Name: Well Labs


How did you start? 3 crazy girls wanted to give everyone, EVERYONE access to easy and practical nutrition information. Well Labs started in Cedar Rapids, IA, but delivers nutrition and health all over the U.S.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Your home life?: We are 3 busy ladies: Chiropractors, nutritionists, business owners, moms, sisters, professors, wives, etc. We have a lot going on and we have realistic health, not idealistic health in mind.

What is your main focus in health?: Nutrition, and convenience!

What is your basic routine? : We all three have different lives, and 3 different routines!

Do you participate in charities or nonprofit help?: "Get health. Give back." is our motto. We donate part of our profits to making lifestyle medicine and preventative health accessible to kids that can't otherwise afford it.

What are your goals or intentions?: To make nutrition high quality easy, practical, and accessible.

What advice would you give to someone looking into wellness?: Do what's right for your body. Not everyone is the same!

How can we help support you?: Visit, read our blog, check out our mission and our shop.

Big THANK YOU to Well Labs for taking the time to fill us in on their offerings and to get to know them! In my life I have started utilizing their vitamins and love that a portion of it goes to kids in need of their vitties! 

Make sure to take advantage of their December special! These are 3 stellar women I have the privilege of knowing, let's show them our support! 

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