Well Labs : Let me introduce you to the sweetest, most professional, and excellent quality vitamin company (started local in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!)...Well Labs! If you happen to pop an order in while on their side use my JackieWellness code at checkout for 5% off!

“We want the best for you. We want health and nutrition to be easy and convenient. With your help, we’re giving back, because the world is a better place when positive vibes and warm fuzzy feelings abound." --->> click here to learn more and take your own assessment on their site!”

All are welcome at Breathing Room Yoga! This is a very welcoming environment, so come as you are! Located at 608 2nd Ave. SE, Downtown Cedar Rapids, IA. We are here to support one another, love, learn & just be. Check out their schedule here. Breathing Room attendees get 5% off services in my office. Just reference code BR5!

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..while these are affiliate brands I do USE these products or partners in my personal life and believe in them.